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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers to any question that might be plaguing your mind. So please, never resist the urge to ask. However, we’ve collated our client’s most frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have any further questions, please call.

Q: Why should I sell to a real estate investor instead of going through a realtor?

A: Great question! Remember that we are real estate investors whose focus is to acquire properties at a price low enough to make profits in their as-is state. Florida property owners like you sell to us because they are confident in our ability to finance deals and close them quickly. Selling to us is pretty simple; you don’t have to deal with agents, renovations, cleaning, or repairs. If, as a lessor, you are tired of dealing with your renters, we buy the property and take the burden of managing the tenants off you.

Q: Would you say you offer fair prices for your property investments?

A: We can confidently say that our offers are decent and fair. After purchasing the property, we spend a lot on renovating it. In most cases, we flip the house in its entirety such that little or nothing remains of the old house. And our profit after these repairs is often between 10% to 15% of the house’s overall value. So when making offers, we consider the carrying expenses, cost of repair & maintenance, and our profit. Even at that, we ensure that our offers match the retail value of the property to the best of our ability.

You should also note that our deals are not tied to any conditions, and you are not obliged to accept them. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We are always happy to make you an offer, and we will not hound you if you decline.

Q: How do you come about the prices you offer?

A: Like all real estate investors, our offers are determined by ARV, which is the property’s after-repair value. In essence, before we make an offer, we estimate the value of the fixer-upper after repairs and renovations have been carried out. Then we subtract closing expenses, carrying costs, repairs, and profits to arrive at the ARV. Because repairs are the most important factor, the basic formula is 70% of ARV minus repair costs. Only after we ascertain the after-repair value can we make a fair offer.

Q: Do you charge commissions or other fees?
A: Compared to typical techniques of selling a home, we do not require commissions, fees, or anything of such. We cover all costs, including closing expenses, rather than require you to make payment for anything.

Q: What kind of houses do you buy? Will you buy my house in its poor state?

A: As real estate investors, we are not particularly picky when buying property. Whether they are good or in rundown conditions, we buy houses in their current state. Then we make necessary renovations and alterations to the property, after which we can then sell to the next buyer.

Q: How are you different from real estate agents?

A: Real estate brokers are legally obliged to obtain the highest feasible price for your property. Thus, they list your property on the Multiple Listing Service and keep hosting open houses and showings until they find a buyer ready to pay the full retail price. Thus, you have to wait for at least three to six months before finding the ideal buyer or someone willing to pay a slightly similar price. And all of this is based on the assumption that the sale goes smoothly. If the buyer has issues financing the sale or the house fails an inspection, you will have to wait long before finding another buyer. Plus, you still have to pay the agent a commission of 3% – 6% for their services and then cater to all holding and closing costs. What makes us unique is that instead of trying to broker a sale on your behalf, we are the actual buyers. Indeed, we sometimes might not be able to offer you the full retail value of your property, but we do make a pretty decent offer. Selling to us eradicates the need for agent and agent charges, long wait to find a buyer, showings, holding, and closing costs. We also eliminate the closing uncertainties that come with typical selling methods, as our ability to close deals and finance sales is never in contention.

Q: What happens when I submit my information?

A: One of our representatives will reach out to you once you submit your information. We’ll discuss your home, evaluate its condition, and make an offer. After that, it’s up to you. If you accept our offer, we’ll proceed to a local title company and begin the closing process.

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