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Sold to 'Sell Your House Fast Florida'
vs. Listing With a Local Florida Realtor

It is always best to look at different options when you want to sell your house, even in an excellent seller market like Florida. When you are listing with a local Florida realtor, there are chances that you may get more pay for sales. But there are many other things one should keep in mind when selling a house. Below we have laid out the pros and cons of selling to us and selling to a realtor.

Listing with A Real Estate Broker

Sold To Sell Your House Fast Florida

Commissions / Charges 5% – 10% commission charges (100% to be paid by seller) checkmarkNO Commissions / NO Fees
Who Pays Closing Costs? Negotiated during property appraisal checkmarkNO Closing Costs – We pay all costs
Financing Contingency* If the buyer fails to secure finance, the sale falls through checkmarkNO Contingencies
Appraisal Needed The sale is often dependent on appraisal checkmarkNO Appraisal Required – We buy as-is
Who Pays For Repairs? Negotiable (Often a condition precedent for a sale and the responsibility of the seller) checkmarkNO Repair cost – We manage all repairs
Who markets the property? Ads, mailers, property website/ multiple listing service, staging checkmarkNO Need For Marketing
Number of Showings As many as are required by realtor & buyer. High Traffic! checkmarkJust Us, Our Partners and Contractors (a single showing is often sufficient)
Average Days Until Sold +/- 30-120 Days checkmark+/- 24 – 72 hours
Closing Date 30-60 days after you accept the buyer’s offer checkmark7 days – 3 weeks; you choose the date

We Buy Houses in Bad Situations or Poor Condition

Sell Your House Fast Florida is a feasible option when your house has problematic tenants, requires repairs, or has an uncertain title. A real estate agent does not become a suitable option unless your house is in the best of conditions and you are willing to wait until you get a full retail offer on your house.

Being real estate investors, we might not be able to offer you full retail value for your home. However, we offer several other benefits that you won’t get listing with real estate agents.

One of such benefits is our ability to close deals in record time. We are reputed for making decent offers within 24 hours of receiving your property details. We also provide the luxury of speedy closings. So when you sell to us, you can expect to be done with the transaction within seven days or three weeks if slow closings will be more convenient for you. However, if you list your home with a realtor, you will need to budget for up to 90 days of carrying fees while waiting to close the property sale.

Another advantage to trusting us with your sale is the budget-friendly nature of our transactions. We buy houses as they are, which helps you cut back on cost. Plus, we handle all closing costs and do not require any fees or commissions from you.

Get an offer from us today with no strings attached. To learn more about our process, please fill out the form below or call us at 772-777-8750 

    We buy Florida house regardless of their state.

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    *Inspection contingency: The buyer is at liberty to back out of the purchase agreement when the property is in poor condition.

    * Financing contingency: Gives the buyer the option to drop out of the deal if financing the transaction becomes challenging. It is a regular occurrence when a home does not appraise at the offer price.  

    Our offers are not bank financed, so we never have issues coming through with payment on every transaction.