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Sell Your House Fast Florida – About Our Company

We are driven by the need to equip homeowners with the best possible solution when in unpalatable circumstances. Our clients are mostly motivated to sell their property at a fast pace and in its present shape. We understand that a sale featuring a property with defects and a looming deadline comes with a lot of pressure. And many sellers tend to make several wrong choices in this circumstance. We want to be a shield for homeowners against terrible sales conditions. So we help them make the ideal choice in every situation by providing them with sufficient and accurate information.

We purchase houses in Florida and across the United States. As real estate investors, we buy houses for a variety of reasons. As such, we do not concern ourselves with the property’s condition since the endgame is to flip the house and resell it. Thus, we buy houses with probate, foreclosure, divorce, tenant, and damage concerns.

Our Brand Pioneers

meet matt

Matt Stark

Matt Stark grew up in Colorado and later relocated to California after serving in the Navy in San Diego. In the early 2000s, he moved to Northern California for work and study. He earned a marketing degree in 2006 and founded his marketing agency in 2007. When he is not assisting homeowners with their properties, Matt spends his time golfing, shooting pool, or going on trips with his wife and young child.

meet Elisa

Elisa Stark

Elisa came to California in 2010 to pursue her MBA at Golden Gate University. After graduating and working in San Francisco at a top solar company, she eventually met Matt and they married soon thereafter. She came into real estate at the same time as Matt and loves it very much. In her free time, Elisa loves traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

What’s So Unique About Us?

Like most businesses, we are out to make gains and profit. But unlike most, we will never jeopardize your interests for the sake of profit. Our primary focus is to ensure that every homeowner who comes to us leaves with a solution to their estate problems. The majority of homeowners will benefit more from the traditional sale technique. And if that option makes the most sense to them, we will never stand in their way. If selling to us seems more reasonable, that’s fantastic. We will buy your house as it is and close the sale quickly.

meet the team - Sell Your House Fast Florida - Matt and Elisa

Our Commitment to Customers

We’re real estate investors who buy houses at a low price, renovate them, and sell them for profit. Since flipping a house entails inherent risks, we carefully evaluate properties and commit sufficient time to predict all expenses before purchasing. Don’t get us wrong; we are not out to subvert our competitors. We simply adhere to a formula that keeps our clients happy and helps us make profits in the same vein. Our profit after rehabbing, advertising, and selling a property is usually 5%-15% of the sale price. We propose the 15% profit to our clients and are open to negotiations before finalizing our offer. To this end, we have developed an ethical code that we uphold and are committed to following in our interactions with employees and clients.

Below mentioned are our basic values:

  • checkmark Integrity – We will always keep you informed of the best options available to you. We are never the kind to exploit you or your situation.
  • checkmark Customer Satisfaction – We have a reputation for absolute customer satisfaction. And since our reputation means everything to us, we are ready to ensure that every one of our clients enjoys an excellent experience with us. We want to do a fantastic job for you, and positive feedback is always appreciated.
  • checkmark Our Communication – We will never leave you ignorant of every step we take with respect to your transaction. We will contact you whenever something changes, and now and then, we will reach out to you just to inform you that things are fine on our end. We are committed to keeping you at ease by giving you a sense of security.
Our image and reputation are of immense importance to us, and we strive to protect them at all times. We achieve this by taking the initiative in all our transactions. We proactively foresee challenges and address them ahead of time. Our sense of insight helps us close deals faster. Paying it forward and referring homeowners to realtors sometimes results in better prospects. Not every call results in a business opportunity, but every call results in an opportunity to assist someone, and we are very big on helping homeowners. We enjoy helping property owners and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your sales issues are resolved efficiently and in time to carry on with your life. You can contact us today and tell us how we can help you!