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Thank you! So, what’s next?

Here is what to expect from us…

Your information is inbound into our system. We are jumping on it! You may get a call within seconds!!! Or, if we are in the middle of something, we will call you as soon as humanly possible. We pride ourselves on working with urgency. And that is because we buy houses from sellers that are also working with urgency.

When we do call you, it is initially to acquire any and all additional information that we need to make your cash offer as accurate as possible. We work hard to make our offers firm. However, this is not always possible. We will be sending a few contractors and/or real estate agents to your property to check and make sure we don’t miss anything and that our money spent buying your property is a wise investment for us. If everything checks out, we send all the paperwork to our title company and proceed to closing. At that point the only risk of the purchase falling apart is from any discoveries the title company may find. After all, we do need a clear title in order to exit the property later. If the title is clear, we can close fast (sometimes within days!).

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. Also, have your phone nearby because we’ll be calling you! Meanwhile, Check out our FAQs and we will be in touch very soon!